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It all started with a conversation

" You know that bass players have been ignored by the pedal industry for too long right? " Momo says to the boys at Morley...

" I believe that I am a true Morley ambassador

as I get and feel what needs to be done and said about your switchless magic because I really do believe and my test has been time.


That being said and having had up to 300 pedals at once and always running them through Morley wahs I believe I have some great ideas that would work with what you’ve already got in place 

We want to raise awareness to the magic that lives in the Morley switchless wah when it comes to creation and bass control.


Getting great bass players  individually picked to create their own thing with the 20/20 line will educate to all  the other possibilities the wah does besides quack to open up players minds to creating new styles of bass driven music that will be associated to Morley pedals ".

Thus began an amazing association between Morley and Momo focused on elevating the creative narrative between the company and it's ambassadors.

Morley was stoked  about the focus on the creativity part, having been an industry veteran with an over 50 year legacy Morley has had  its  share of endorsees and they weren' t looking for more of the same this time. 

So when Momo proposed the Bass Players United In Wah project it was exactly what they were waiting for. 

Bass Players United In Wah is a project that features exceptionally talented bass players that Morley and Momo want more people to discover, What unites them is their passion for bass and their relentless pursuit of their own originality. In addition each of them personifies the saying that bass players are the nice guy in the band, No offence to other musicians:-) Kidding aside Morley is proud to provide a space for all musicians to do their thing and other very exciting things  are brewing behind the scenes already.

So please take a moment to discover Bass Players United In Wah, you will be glad you did!

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